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HBI guarantees that all of our staff are trained in their required areas whether it is on processes, equipment use, or operations, etc. HBI ensures that our staffing levels are maintained at all times in order to provide efficient and timely service to meet the day-to-day demands, conditions and requirements of our clients.

Our staff is professional, knowledgeable, experienced and has the communication abilities to undertake their job roles effectively.

We take pride in delivering a quality, error free project. This is accomplished in part through the diligent use of proven/documented procedures, and in the manufacturers we work with.

We know that your work space is an important, valuable corporate resource; downtime costs time and money.

HBI’s specialized Value Added Services include:

•       Sales support; a single point of contact able to provide product information and knowledge

•       Dedicated Account Management

•       Project Management

•       Design, specification and space planning

•       Delivery and installation

•       Storage and asset management