High-Bay For Evidence Storage

Calgary is the fastest growing city in Canada and is home to over a million residents. While population growth can be positive in many ways, it also has a downside: cities with more people tend to experience more crime, and rapid growth can strain public services.

In 2013 department leadership decided it was time to start looking for a more appropriate and cost-effective long-term solution for evidence storage. A team consisting of personnel from property and evidence, finance, and infrastructure services began researching options for a new warehouse that was suited to their specific needs and that could accommodate future growth. They decided that a vacant lot adjacent to police headquarters would provide the ideal opportunity to create a centralized, purpose-built facility for property and evidence storage.

How did we make a difference?

Now that Calgary PD has moved into their new high bay storage facility, they’re excited about the results of all their planning and hard work. Owning their own warehouse rather than renting means both long term cost savings and a purpose-built facility that takes their procedures and needs into consideration. Because property and evidence personnel were involved in the planning process, their needs were addressed from the beginning.

“It also gives the public a more central location to come to so they can address a lot of their needs in one location, whether it's to pick up property that they own or to make any general inquiries.”

- Kellie Cooper, Program Manager for Calgary Police




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