Glenbow Museum had worked with HBI to create high density storage for their collections in the past.  When an older collection became too crowded to ignore, they contacted HBI for a new project: Condense the Cultural History Collection and modernize the Collection’s preservation practices.

How did we make a difference?

HBI was able to give the museum an addition 20% capacity by implementing three Spacesaver Mechanical Mobile Storage Systems.  The systems were designed to preserve a variety of media, including rolled textiles, costumes, accessories, and Calgary Stampede artifacts.  After considering several options, HBI recommended storage trays that could both safely preserve the collection and make it visible for easy retrieval.  Other parts of the mobile storage systems were built with 4-post shelving and cantilever shelving.  Glenbow Museum affectionately calls this system the “Worlds Biggest Closet” and enjoys touring stakeholders through the preservation systems.

“The flexibility of the Spacesaver solution allowed us to adjust as we reloaded.  We were able to accommodate more than we estimated and still had room for growth.”

- Camille Owens, Glenbow Museum




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