Digital entertainment companies exist to enable and inspire a new age of storytelling. These days, that means connecting content owners, content creators, audiences, and advertisers with a sustainable revenue model that is still new to the industry. Confident innovation and adapting on the fly are essential. But being creative is more than just a poster on the wall; it’s an organizational decision to empower your people. When it came time to look for a new office space, our client wanted to lay the foundation for the culture of fresh, empowered ideas that their industry needs.

How did we make a difference?

This stylish west coast office was designed with culture in mind.  The staring point was an open floorplan with lots of collaboration areas and workspace options.  HBI’s Framery Phone Booths were chosen as the integrated option for acoustic privacy.  The booths fit smartly around several columns to make the best use of space while coordinating with the seamless aesthetic of the office.  Staff are now able to use the Booths as adaptive touch-down points for tasks like performance reviews, conference calls, personal calls, quiet recharge space, socialising over lunch, and sprints of intense concentration without distractions.




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