HBI provides our clients with unparalleled solutions for the modern working environment based on our expert product knowledge, collaborative experience and in-house services. We have experience with helping clients create spaces that are functional and inspiring for employees to boost productivity, learning, and evolving needs of corporate culture.

At HBI we have the latest VR (virtual reality) technology to turn clients ideas into reality with 3-D layouts. We can take your office floorplate and turn it into a panoramic experience from floor to ceiling in full colour showing architectural and  furniture components in real-time.

“What separates us from our competition is our extensive experience helping business rethink their spaces to incorporate user friendly technology, flexible furniture and other tools to support employees and improve individual performance. These spaces offer a space for collaboration, focus, involvement, flexibility, comfort, and creativity.”

HBI also have the availability to render 2-D layouts, providing customers with an overview of the products in their floorplate prior to placing an order.