A Shared Space is Hard to Protect

The City of Calgary has to manage several facilities to operate effectively.  Some are work spaces, others are service centres, and still others store physical assets.  The variety can lead to logistical issues like lost inventory or time wasted in travel.  Still, you can’t eliminate specialised spaces completely without compromising the assets they control – like a collection of awkward-to-store paintings.  The City of Calgary identified these likely losses and decided to look into efficiencies.  They consulted with stakeholders, ran the numbers, and started the process of consolidating several storage spaces together into a single building.  But that’s not the end of the story.  With space integration comes new challenges – how do you keep important assets safe in a shared space?

How did we make a difference?

HBI supplied specialised Art Racks to store – and protect – the City’s collection.  The system includes a ceiling that suspends several pull-out storage panels that are guided by wheels on their bottom edge.  The panels have double-sided wire mesh that is flush with the frame on both sides, offering unlimited flexibility to how art is arranged.  And with built-in vibration dampening, controlled deceleration, and sway protection, the system meets the City’s strict requirements for safety.  Now the City of Calgary has densely-packed art storage in their shared space while keeping their assets – and people – safe.




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