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HBI-in-Action / Facility Tour

Ever wondered whether that innovative product was functional in a real life workspace?  We have a 35,000 square foot facility in SE Calgary with a café, Designer District, showroom, working showroom, and warehouse, which are all full to the brim with HBI products in use.  Some of our spaces are changed regularly so please stop by often.  Designers and Architects – visit the Designer District for swatches, samples, brochures, and other tactile resources.

Lunch & Learn

You know the drill – tell us what topics interest you or what projects you’re working on.  We bring the grub to you and tell you about all the incredible things that we’ve been doing with other folks in your industry.  Complete with VR and cute dog videos!

Pop-Up Puppy Room

In support of AARCS and the important discussion surrounding workers’ mental health, HBI is sponsoring corporate puppy rooms around Calgary.  Rooms run for 1-2 hours at your facility and are come-and-go.  HBI will be set up to receive cash/item donations for AARCS and answer any questions you have about HBI. 

Pop-Up Popcorn Shop

Let the smell of popcorn fill your office for a few hours!  We bring the supplies, you bring the taste buds.  An HBI rep will be available to answer any questions you have about HBI’s products or current projects, trends in various industries, and how to gather any information you need to specify your projects.

Space Assessment

Curious about how many more years you’ll get out of your furniture?  Not sure if there are more appropriate furniture, space, or storage options out there?  Need to start thinking about your 5-10 year plan?  Invite HBI experts out to assess your current system, look into future options, and gather any information you need to secure funding.  This is a no-obligation service and extremely low pressure.  We want to be your expert resource and would rather be 5 years early than 1 day late.